Showflamme is a company that uses fire for open air shows and events.
Since 2001, our high-end installations are designed specifically to bring magic and poetry into the landscape. Our collaborations testify to the unique character of our work.

Let’s get in flame !

We pioneered gas flame projectors for shows and SFX and developed a tool that enables us to work to the best safety standards.

Whether nature based or urban, Showflamme transforms these places in multiple and unique events with fire installations and fireworks.

We always work with special trade’s people such as blacksmiths, pyrotechnicians, stage directors, decorators and sculptors to get as much creative input into the concept. It’s a collaborative workflow carefully orchestrated by Showflamme.

Public and private places can truly be enhanced by our creations. We can transform river banks into magical spaces with or without fireworks.

Our installations can also cover a large area without losing the magical aspect of the installations.

In 2015, Showflamme finished designing the now operational « Fairy » or fire boat. This barge is designed to create fire and pyrotechnic shows on water creating amazing light effects for all to enjoy. It’s equipped with flame projectors, a crane and big sets.

With our collective collaboration called « Fous Flottants » (Mad Floating People), we develop artistic floating devices and aquatic drones that are modules and can hold actors, performers, musicians, dancers, sets and firework displays.

This type of module can be hired as a unit or a series for your parades or events on water.

Our team

Pierre D’haenens

Founder and project bearer of Showflamme.

Artist, technician, C4T2 Fireworks, specialised in gas-based flames.

Sophie Miny

Decorator, wardrobe lady, line producer and scenographer.

Frédéric Degand, Olivier Jaubert, Sébastien Boucherit :

Artists, designers, builders …

Let’s get in touch

If you’re interested in our projects or wish to have more information,
please get in touch with us.
Big or small, whatever your dreams, whatever your ideas,
we are here to turn them into a unique and magical moment for everyone.