Showflamme’s scenography and installations are the result of meticulous and ongoing research in pyrotechnics and event creation.

Warmth and magic

Our installations are designed and tailor-made to specifically enhance your experience and make your dreams come true. More than a mere set, our work will guide you through a wonderous world where the warmth of fire and fairy like objects will enchant a large crowd.

These installations are designed and built by Pierre D’haenens and Sophie Miny. The first, a pyrotechnician, the latter a scenographer and decorator for over 20 years and founder of Showflamme.

Fire, when tamed, offers a wide pallet of effects that can enhance and truly give your events a outstanding lift.

Our fire installations can be the backdrop for:

  • Scenography for arts
  • Private inaugurations: rallies, parties, corporate events,…
  • Special effects for cinema and theatre
  • Give parks, forests, neighbourhoods & monuments a very special atmosphere

Let’s get in touch

If you’re interested in our projects or wish to have more information, please get in touch with us. Big or small, whatever your dreams, whatever your ideas, we are here to turn them into a unique and magical moment for everyone.