Aquatic shows

We use water as a way to enchant the world. Using our concepts for shows and events, our team invades public spaces, creating a magical contemporary collective poetic happening filled with dreams.

« Fous Flottants »

Our collective develops artistic floating devices as well as aquatic drones that can hold actors, performers, musicians, sets, fireworks and much more.

Organising aquatic shows and events

Whatever your ideas, our collective will build tailor-made shows. Our floating modules can be rented out individually or collectively as a parade or a show for your events by or on the water.

The Fous Flottants parade.
In June 2017 our first sketch of the parade saw the light of day in Namur. Poetic, creative, participatory and loosely based on the « Bosch Parade », an artistic happening in Hertogenbosch, Holland.

The following year, the first edition of our Fous Flottants parade received very good reviews in Namur again. 3000 spectators showed up, hoping to make this event into their own for the coming years.

The Fairy Barge

First ever pyrotechnic barge.

Step into the fairy world of Showflamme.
Our barge contains a vast amount of flame projectors and sets that will light up your events. This is a floating show that mixes water and fire.

This Showflamme creation was specifically designed to promote culture and events on and around the European waterways. This intriguing creature sails the waters and, at nightfall, reveals itself in a magical show.

The Fairy’s objective is to travel the European waterways as a travelling show and moor in the river towns as part of local festivities or special gatherings. We adapt our show to the town’s requirements. The Fairy will turn your event into something extraordinary. Showflamme designed a barge that offers event’s organisers a unique tool to enhance traditional locations.

Let’s get in touch

If you’re interested in our projects or wish to have more information, please get in touch with us. Big or small, whatever your dreams, whatever your ideas, we are here to turn them into a unique and magical moment for everyone.